Witches Take Flight for Charities

If you don’t have October 30th marked on your calendar, circle it in red and add a witch hat because the witching hour is near for two historic neighborhoods. Witches are taking flight in their annual Witches Rides supporting good causes. Both events feature neighbors and friends riding through the streets of Bluff Park and around Star … Continue reading Witches Take Flight for Charities

Wiffling On The Weekend

It is another great Sunday in Bluff Park and Sundays are the setting for Women’s Wiffle Ball at the Children’s Fresh Air Farm. This ain’t no Powder Puff game! The ladies of the first annual Bluff Park Women’s Wiffle Ball League mean business.   Meet the Teams   “We ended up with six teams consisting … Continue reading Wiffling On The Weekend

Christmas Gift Guide

Skip Amazon and other online shopping destinations this holiday season and shop locally for everyone on your Christmas list. Browse Bluff Park for unique gifts for stocking stuffers or order a custom work of art from one of the many artists living and working in the area. Here are ten items, in no particular order, … Continue reading Christmas Gift Guide

Joyful Change

What started as a change to her family’s diet has blossomed into a fully functional bakery for Elizabeth Wood, owner of Consider it Joy Baking in Shades Mountain Plaza. “It was truly exciting when I found out that a commercial kitchen space was coming available in Bluff Park.  It is the community I call home, … Continue reading Joyful Change

New China: Bluff Park’s Family Tradition

New China in Bluff Park Village is no doubt a staple in the community. The family-owned Chinese restaurant opened in the early 90s and the owners, Bisheng Yang and Xin Yun Lin have been serving happy customers with their family’s recipes for over 25 years. Recently, residents became concerned after word was getting around that … Continue reading New China: Bluff Park’s Family Tradition

History Monday: Worth Saving?

In an article by the Hoover Sun's Jon Anderson, a resident of Hoover was quoted as saying, "sometimes a building is not worth it, even if it has historical value." Everyone has a right to their opinion. They also have a right to be wrong. For the people who know nothing about this place and … Continue reading History Monday: Worth Saving?

We know we rock! But what is “Bluff Park Rocks?”

Like Hide & Seek? Bluff Park Rocks is for you! Paint A Rock, Hide A Rock, Find A Rock. Repeat. Individuals or families can paint rocks and hide them anywhere in Bluff Park. When someone finds one, they post a picture in the Bluff Park Rocks group and then they can re-hide or take it … Continue reading We know we rock! But what is “Bluff Park Rocks?”

Community Center Renovation Update #2

Sam Swiney has a few more photos of the progress at The Bluff Park Community Center. The work to allow access to the restrooms for park visitors is coming along nicely. An outside door was installed a few weeks ago and below you can see that the enclosure on the inside is taking shape. The … Continue reading Community Center Renovation Update #2