Wiffling On The Weekend

It is another great Sunday in Bluff Park and Sundays are the setting for Women’s Wiffle Ball at the Children’s Fresh Air Farm. This ain’t no Powder Puff game! The ladies of the first annual Bluff Park Women’s Wiffle Ball League mean business.


Meet the Teams


“We ended up with six teams consisting of 15 members/players each,” says Sherrie Roberts, the league organizer. “The goal is to foster community outreach so we opted to do a draft rather than recruitment.  We took it a step further and based the draft on self-assessed skill level so the teams would be as evenly matched as possible.”


Think you are too old to hit the field with the Bluff Park Women’s Wiffle Ball League? The players cover a broad range in age from early twenties to late fifties, some athletic and some eager for physical activity, some familiar with the game and some eager to learn.   

 2019 Teams 

Pitch Please


 Diamond Divas


Dunder Wifflin
Wiffling Dixies


Salty Pitches


The Wendy Peffercorns

Haley Snowden, who plays for the Wendy Peffercorns, says she joined the league to meet other families in Bluff Park and get some exercise. “I chose to join because it was a way to get more active after having a baby that would be more fun than working out. It is really a way to bring people together. It’s fellowship. It could even be an opportunity for outreach. Sunday afternoons have gotten more fun for sure.”

Anna Chatterton says the league reminds her of when she played softball. “I have played softball my whole life so it really brings me back to that time. I also love playing with people from the community and meeting people from Bluff Park that I didn’t know already.” Anna plays for the Diamond Divas. 

Getting Started

So how did this league get started? “I have two sons and we all love the movies The Sandlot and A League of Their Own.  My youngest son and I played around on the field last spring/summer, and it made me wonder.” 

Sherrie contacted Catherine Goudreau, the director of the Fresh Air Farm to see what the possibility would be of hosting a league at the Farm. “I thought I’d gauge interest via the Bluff Park United Facebook Group, and the rest is history.” 

Thankfully, Sherrie says several ladies messaged her not only to play but to volunteer. “Kim Barber and Aimee Martin complete the Commission of the league,” she says.   

“It’s important to know that one of the things that has been so encouraging is how so many people ‘pitched in’ (pun intended) to help in a number of areas.” Sampson Dentistry made a donation to help with the league. Andy and Lindsay Wilbanks made benches (supplies paid for by Sampson Dentistry.) The benches will stay at the CFAF permanently. Tammy Headley made the scoreboard, and PCE is treating the field pro bono. “There are so many volunteering their time and resources. It’s beautiful and living proof of what makes Bluff Park so charming,” Sherrie says. 


Media Coverage

Opening day was streamed on Facebook Live by BluffParkAL. The league picked up quite a following of fans and local media started showing up in Bluff Park just to see what the noise was about including Bham Now and FOX6 WBRC that came out to see a game and talk with the players. 



For a Good Cause

Sherrie says the Fresh Air Farm is the perfect setting for the league. “It is beautiful, downhome and in the heart of Bluff Park. But, truly once I learned about the charitable work that they do and that a league using the facility could include a charitable component, that’s when my enthusiasm kicked into high gear.”  


Learn more about The history of the  Children’s Fresh Air Farm here.

“Playing wiffle ball for fun and getting to know your neighbors is beautiful enough, but add the fact that we can contribute to an institution that’s been in Bluff Park for almost 100 years, and it’s simply magical!”

Preliminary numbers between player donations, spectator donations and t-shirt sales after the first games on June 23 were $1000 for CFAF!

The league is also collecting one hundred colored pencil packs to give to Children’s Fresh Air Farm to assist them with their school supplies. 

2019 Bluff Park Women’s Wiffle Ball Schedule


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