New China: Bluff Park’s Family Tradition

New China in Bluff Park Village is no doubt a staple in the community. The family-owned Chinese restaurant opened in the early 90s and the owners, Bisheng Yang and Xin Yun Lin have been serving happy customers with their family’s recipes for over 25 years.

Recently, residents became concerned after word was getting around that the ownership of the beloved restaurant had changed hands. The owners did not want to sell to an outside chain or company and instead decided to keep the restaurant in the family.

BluffParkAL sat down with Ken Harden, owner of Bluff Park Village, and the trio now operating New China.

Mandy Lin and Renny Jiang.

Mandy Lin, Renny Jiang, and Wen Lin, Bisheng and Xin’s nieces and nephew, are now taking over operations of the family’s New China restaurant in Bluff Park. The siblings continue the family tradition at New China with the blessings of their aunt and uncle. “We are a close family,” Mandy says. “They taught me a lot about how to serve customers, food preparation, and cooking,” she continues.

Mandy and Renny both love to cook. Mandy recalls the many years she worked in the restaurant with her aunt and says it is an honor to continue serving the community.

Chichen and Broccholi

Both Mandy and Renny say they will continue to use their family recipes for dishes and soups that are favorites of their customers. The sisters also have a few ideas to upgrade the dining experience with new takeout boxes that will get your meal home hot right out of the kitchen. Also, the new containers will not be soggy, and they will better for microwaving any leftovers you may have.

Lemon Chicken

They also plan to upgrade the dining in experience. “For people eating at the restaurant, we want to get new, heavy duty utensils for them. The plastic ones we have right now are a little flimsy, and we see that people are having trouble using them with their food,” Mandy says.

Even with using their aunt’s recipes, the sisters say they are working to make each dish to the standard expected over the years. “The goal is to maintain the quality of taste as it has been with our aunt and striving for consistency,” Mandy says. They ask for the community’s support, encouragement, and constructive input.

Even with the passing of the torch to the next generation, the sisters say their aunt and uncle will still be dropping in on the restaurant and the community they love.

Social Media

Renny has set up a Facebook account Bluff Park NewChina.

Currently, there is a Page “New China” that was not created by the family. Merging this page to the family is underway.

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