Top 10 Reason To Consign with Bargains on the Bluff

For 17 years, Bargains on the Bluff Consignment sale has been a must-shop experience in Hoover. The twice-a-year sale brings over 160 consigners to the bluff offering everything from infant and children’s clothing to car seats and toys. The Spring/Summer sale is February 28-29. The Fall/Winter sale is September 18-19.  Registration to consign is open.

We talked with Amanda Bihun, Melissa Hendon, and Amy Matheson have put together some top reasons to consign with Bargains on the Bluff this year.


Bargains on the Bluff at Bluff Park United Methodist Church. Feb 28 9am-6pm and Feb 29, 9am-2pm

Top 10 Reasons to Consign with Bargains on the Bluff

10. ALL THAT SPACE! The fewer things you own, the easier it is to organize. Clearing out all those unused clothes, shoes, toys, and things makes cleaning and organizing a snap. You could say having more space “sparks joy” for your home!

9. Little Imaginations! Bluff Park UMC award-winning preschool program, Little Imaginations, uses funds from Bargains on the Bluff to enhance their programming, keep their prices down, improve their space, and hire the best preschool teachers.

8. We promote! The Bargains on the Bluff team promotes the sale to the public through mailings, newspapers, and social media. They also have fun videos featuring merchandise and the overall sale on their Facebook page. 

7. High standards! Since the beginning, Bargains on the Bluff has maintained high standards for items. Each item has to be in season, clean, in good repair, and fashionable (current). By doing this,  shoppers know what to expect. Selling boutique items or brands? BOTB encourages consignors to showcase their boutique items with yellow ribbons so that they can be easily spotted increasing their chances of getting it sold!

6. They Care! The Bargains on the Bluff team cares about merchandising your items in the best way possible to sell. Items are meticulously categorized to make them easy to find and appealing.

5.  Passing it on! Items left after the sale are donated to various organizations for kids in need like the Kids Connection and clothes closets for local schools. *They do NOT just go into a donation bin. You can also choose not to donate leftover items, pick them up and save the ticket until that season’s sale comes around again.

4. Vacation Bible School! Bargains on the Bluff is the main source of funding for Bluff Park United Methodist Church’s FREE VBS program that serves nearly 300 community kids each year. 

3. Environmental – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! On average, about 50% of your bodyweight in clothing ends up in landfills each year. Let’s give those clothes, shoes, and toys some more time in the spotlight and less time in the landfill!

2. Bluff Park United Methodist Church Kids! Bargains on the Bluff allows the Children’s Ministry, BPUMC  Kids,  to keep their events free or very low cost while still retaining the high-quality programming that all kids deserve!

1. It’s easy and you get money!! The Bargains on the Bluff website makes it easy to sign up to consign or volunteer. There is also a preview sale for consignors and volunteers on the Thursday before the public sale. The sale is a win for consignors and shoppers. 

Check out this how-to video that walks you through the consigning process.







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