A New Church Comes To Bluff Park


When Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church merged with Oakmont Presbyterian Church, it allowed for the growing congregation of Birmingham Community Church to find a new home and carryon a legacy that began when Chapel in the Pines had built their first church building in 1950 at 2269 Chapel Road.


About Birmingham Community Church

Pastor Chris Culver planted Birmingham Community Church, part of the Sojourn Network, eight years ago as he was finishing up seminary at Beeson College. “We met in the corporate headquarters of Chorus SmartSecure in Riverchase,” Chris says. “Each week we would move furniture, set up chairs and sound, and turn offices into kid’s rooms. We loved being at Chorus, they were generous and very good to us, but over time we outgrew the space. We began talking about moving nearly two years ago. We wanted an inviting space with enough classrooms for kids and worship space we could grow into.”


 Finding A New Home

“A year ago, we began conversations with Chapel in the Pines. They have been good to us. They were patient, and generous, and walked through the purchase in good faith,” Chris explains. “Chapel in the Pines believed that the best use of the facility they built was as a church and they worked with us to make that a reality. We are honored to continue the work of the generations of followers of Jesus who have sacrificed to advance the kingdom of God.”


After a few months of planning, preparing, and construction, Birmingham Community Church held its first service in Bluff Park on November 3.


Ministering To The Community

“We are very grateful to be in this place and in this community. I think that place matters; space and geography shape us more than we realize. My wife and I have lived in Bluff Park since we were married 17 years ago. We live less than a mile from the church, so this is a gift to minister in a place that has shaped us,” Chris says.

Pastor Culver says it is their goal to be a faithful presence in the neighborhood. “We are disciples of Jesus, people being shaped by the Holy Spirit to be more like Jesus in how we think, serve, and love. We hope to reach people with the Gospel, equip them to be disciples of Jesus, and send them into their families, jobs, neighborhoods, and into the world,” Chris says.

Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship Services are at 10:30am. During the week the church meets in homes around the city for Bible study and prayer. “We are a community; God did not intend for us to live the Christian life alone, but in community with him and his church,” Chris says.

All The Things

Oneline: www.bhamcc.org

Facebook: @birminghamcommunitychurch

Instagram: @bhamcc

*Bluff Park Community Church*

Bluff Park Community Church will continue to meet at the building as scheduled, as well. Pastor Chris Culver says they have a great relationship with Bluff Park Community Church and Pastor Steve Williamson who was a great encouragement to him.

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