Back To School In Bluff Park

We hope everyone had a great #FirstDay of school! Here are a few photos from the BP family. Feel free to post your own photos in the comments.

The Patterson Family is set for the first day of school.


The Bahr family all dressed up for the first day of school.


Via Facebook, Bluff Park Elementary School.


Cade is ready for his first year and first day of school.


The Chatterton kids heading out to the first day of school.
The Hopkins kids are ready for 3rd and 5th grade.

Shades Crest Baptist Church hosted a Back to School Breakfast for parents in the community to come by for coffee and treats. Nice! #BluffParkChurches

Christian speaker and author Kari Kampakis, will be speaking on “15 Ways to Save Your Sanity in a New School Year!” August 23 at Bluff Park Methodist Church. learn some new strategies to help navigate the beginning of another school year with Kari.

For more information or questions about this event,  visit BPUMC’s website or Facebook page 

How can you help the Bluff Park Elementary PTO?

One way is by purchasing a BLF PRK shirt or necklace at Park and Crest Market. Watch our Facebook Live video for more information.

Via Facebook LIve, Bluffparkal.

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