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Meet Leigh Ann Harris, Birmingham native, and owner of Burrow Interior Design LLC.  Leigh Ann has a degree in interior design from Auburn University, but after living and working in the design industry in Nashville and Destin, she and her husband Brent decided to move back to Birmingham in 2014.  The couple found a home in Bluff Park and started a renovation project at their 1930’s home on Shades Crest Road.  “We worked on our home for almost five months before moving in,” Leigh Ann says in an article for Hoover’s Magazine.

“We refinished the hardwood floors and stained them darker.  The walls had layer upon layer of paint, wallpaper and faux paneling that we removed to reveal the original beautiful pine paneling,” Leigh Ann explains.

With a blank canvas and a vision incorporating the cottage/vintage feel, the couple dressed the rooms in a rich, white wash with accents in neutral tones, blues and greens.  “My style is clean, simple and collected with an airy atmosphere.”

Read more about the Harris’ home design and renovation in “Back To Its Roots” from Hoover’s Magazine.  

After completing their renovating project, Leigh Ann turned her attention to her design studio.  We sat down with the designer by trade for a Q &A to see what’s going on at Burrow Interior Design.

What is Burrow Designs?  When did you open, and what do you offer?

“I opened Burrow Interior Design while living in Destin in 2014.  After moving back home, I opened the design studio next to Mr. P’s in early 2017 and have really enjoyed having the space to meet with clients and room for my growing sample library.  Burrow is a full-service interior design studio – meaning I can assist you with something as small as a single paint color, or provide you with an entire house full of custom furnishings and everything in between.  I thrive on helping my clients create beautiful, livable, highly functional spaces.” 

Courtesy Lauren Winter

When did you decide to add Burrow Goods to your business and why?

“Having a retail store has been in the back of my mind for awhile.  After having been in my current studio for a year, I decided I was not utilizing the space to its fullest potential.  It seemed like the most logical thing was to move my office and meeting space to the back of my office and use the front area for retail.  My hope is to provide something new and different.  The retail store will do business as Burrow Goods + Interiors.”

You have a new Facebook group store. How does that work?

“Burrow Goods, the Facebook group, is the Facebook presence for the “Goods” side of Burrow Goods + Interiors.  The “interiors” part has its own Facebook page as Burrow Interior Design.  As mentioned above, the retail store will operate in the front of the design studio, while my office (and millions of fabric samples) will live in the back.”

“Burrow Goods hosts an online Facebook sale every Thursday evening at 8:00 C.S.T.  You must be a member to participate – simply ask to join, and you’ll be admitted.  We normally post between 6 and 8 items for sale at a time.  To purchase, you only need to comment “sold” and leave your size, and email address for invoicing purposes.  You can either pick up your order at the store, or we can ship it to you.”

Open House

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Don’t miss Burrow Interior Design’s open house this Saturday, February 24 10:00am-4:00pm  via Burrow Interior Design on Facebook.

What can your customers expect?

“My goal with Burrow Goods is to bring customers clothing, jewelry, home decor, and antique finds they can’t buy at Target or HomeGoods.  I’m always drawn to the unique and quirky – anything that looks collected or like it has a story to tell, and I think a lot of my Bluff Park and Hoover neighbors feel the same way.”

Courtesy Lauren Winter

What impact do you hope the new addition to your design studio brings?

“I hope that the retail side will open a dialogue with those who may not think they can afford a designer or are apprehensive about it.”

What impact do you hope your business will have in the community of Bluff Park?

“I want to be the place my neighbors think of when they need a quick and thoughtful gift or are needing a little retail therapy for themselves!  I want the atmosphere in Burrow Goods to create a unique shopping experience that we don’t yet have on the mountain. We will be featuring local makers, and also some not so local, and I am really excited to be able to bring these handcrafted goods to Bluff Park to share with my customers!”



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