Something New In The New Year At Turquoise


Courtland Tison and her mom Anne Weed opened Turquoise, a boutique located at 593 Shades Crest Road, just over 10 years ago.  “I was graduating from the University of Alabama. “I was able to convince my mom to give running a boutique a chance. ” Tison said in an article featured in Hoover’s Magazine .

With a degree in fashion retailing and marketing and accounting, Courtland spent the first seven to eight years working on weekends, during vacation times and scouring for brands and new products at night.  But after the birth of her son in 2014, she decided to run Turquoise full time.  Now a staple for fashion not only in the community but for shoppers around Hoover, the boutique on the bluff is expanding in 2018 with an online store.

“Facebook and Instagram have definitely become the new way to shop and with our new Facebook group, Shop Turquoise Online, we will post pictures of the products we are offering along with the available sizes and colors.”               -Courtland Tison

How To Shop:

  • Join the Shop Turquoise Online Facebook Group.
  • After the products have been posted in the group, customers will comment on a picture of the product they want.
  • Custoners will then receive an invoice as soon as the product meets the buying minimums.  
  • Next, the customer will respond to an email and sign in to the Shop Turquoise Online website within 24 hours to pay.  
  • The purchased item(s) can be picked up in store for free, or turquoise will ship it for a flat rate. Most of the products will be in within 2-3 weeks.



Courtland says she believes that new items and their staples – cute, trendy, easy tops – will be some of the most popular items.  “We have recently found some pants that seem to be magic!” she says.  They have a fit for everyone and are available at a great price, so these will definitely be an item that is available both online and in store.”  Other frocks that are sure to be popular are oversized sweaters and tops.

“I’m hoping our new online store will allow our customers the opportunity to purchase items at a lower cost by doing it in more of a pre-order style, and therefore, I would be buying in a larger bulk,” she says.  “Customers get the clothes they love at a great price, and I only buy the items that I know my customers really want.  I think it’s a win-win for everyone”


In 2018, Courtland and her mom say their goal is to continue to keep their customers happy, and they are offering this new online shopping option to help meet that goal.  “Everything these days is able to be bought online so why shouldn’t we offer our items as well,” Courtland says.  

Shopping local online from a small business brings the convenience of shopping at large entities like Amazon to your fingertips and helps supports local businesses.  

23380398_10156105741606178_1766592245878408678_n.jpgWe will never forget our core customers who still want to come in and see and touch the items in person or who need something for an event that night,” Courtland explains.  “But we hope our online presence will help all of our current customers, reach our customers who have moved away, and gain new customers who have not shopped with us before.”

Turquise is also a participating business in Live Love Shop Bluff Park,  a quarterly campaign to engage the community to support, shop, and eat at local Bluff Park businesses. The objective is to boost awareness, visibility, and sales to the small businesses in the Bluff Park community.

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