Hidden History

Hidden History of Hoover, along Shades Mountain has been suspended at this time

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Hidden History of Hoover will be a collection of historical, personal, untold, interesting, and mysterious stories from communities along Shades Mountain such as Bluff Park and Shades Cliff, The Preserve, Trace Crossings, Ross Bridge, and Brock’s Gap (just to name a few).

Join Heather at three individual meetings to share your stories, photographs, memorabilia, and personal insight into life along Shades Mountain in the communities featured for the project.


  1. TBA
  2. TBA

Two (or three) more meetings are being scheduled for later in the year at different locations along Shades Mountain.

Check back soon.

You can email Heather at Bluffwriter@gmail.com

Bluff Park #1 Map Greyscale20180303_0003.jpg
Map of Shades Mountain 1966. Courtesy of Hoover Historical Society.